血の池地獄はサガン鳥栖を応援しています 血の池地獄はサガン鳥栖を応援しています

Chinoike Jigoku (Blood pond hell) is,
indicated as "red hot spring" in "Bungo no kuni Fudoki",
a writing compiled during the Nara period.
It is the oldest natural hell in Japan
existing from over 1,300 years ago.

Because of its rarity, it was designated in 2009 as the National Site of Scenic Beauty. To describe Chinoike Jigoku in one phrase, it would be "A pond of red and hot mud." From the old times, ointments were made from this red hot mud (currently known as Chinoike ointment) and cloths and pillars were also colored with it



Introduce the facilities at Chinoike Jigoku

  • Chinoike Jigoku

    | look | enjoy | experiment |

    Steaming hot spring's fumes, hellish colors of the hot spring, and boiling water are as if you are seeing hell itself.

  • Gokurakutei

    | eat |

    Restaurant "Gokurakutei" is a restaurant next to Chinoike Jigoku.You can enjoy Oita famous dango (dumpling) soup, chicken tempura, and Beppu famous Jigoku mushi and other Gokurakutei original meals.

  • Chinoike Ointment

    | Heal |

    We sell ointment that works on skin disease made from clay sprung up from Chinoike Jigoku.

  • Chinoike Jigoku model course

    We introduce the Chinoike Jigoku model course where you can experience going to hell then back to life in heaven.

  • Beppu Jigoku tour

    "Chinoike Jigoku" (Blood pond hell), "Umi Jigoku" (Ocean hell), "Tatsumaki hell" (Tornado hell), "Shiraike Jigoku" (White pond hell), "Oni Ishi Bozu Jigoku" (Rock demon hell), "Oniyama Jigoku" (Demon mountain hell), "Kamado hell" (Hell's oven) We call the short tour of around 2 hours going to 7 "Jigoku" (hells) in Beppu, the "Jigoku tour."



Very popular! Chinoike Jigoku's fully original products you can only buy here!

  • Bath products

    Turn your home bathtub into hell! Red hot springs, 6 pcs (¥1,000 excl. tax), Chinoike soap (¥1,200 excl. tax), Chinoike Jigoku Hot Spring Water (¥1,800 excl. tax) are on sale and are very popular.

  • Chinoike pudding

    Plenty of eggs from Oita, milk and fresh cream from Kyushu were used to slowly bake this in low temperature steam. Jelly that resembles Chinoike Jigoku offers pleasant smell of grapes and is very fruity. Non alcoholic wines are used so anyone can have it without a worry. Please buy it promptly as it is in limited production. 1 piece is ¥350 (excl. tax)

  • Food and snacks

    Many snacks, super hot spices, and Chinoike Jigoku original products are available.

  • Alcohol

    Chinoike barley shochu in ceramics (¥1,410 excl. tax), Chinoike umeshu (¥750 excl. tax), etc. are also available.


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