Have you ever seen 'Hell' before?

Chinoike-jigoku (Bloody Hell Pond)

This is Japan's oldest natural hotspring.
chinoike-jigoku garden Chinoike-jigoku Aerophotograph Chinoike-jigoku 70 years ago

Chinoike-jigoku is a pool of red hot mud and has been in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, for over 1300 years.
People in Japan's past named the Onsen Chinoike-jigoku based on an image of hell found in Buddhism.

Location : Noda778 Beppu-shi Oita Japan. (map)
Temperature : 78℃
Dimensions of the pond : 1300SQ.Yds.
Daily Quantity of Flow : 1800kl
Depth of pond : 90 ft. deep
Presumpyive : 540 ft. deep
Ingredients : Ferrous Oxide. Magnesium Oxide. Aluminium Oxide. etc.
Uses : Red Pudding.Chinoike-Ointment(Skin Diseases).

Jigoku-meguri (Hell Tour)

A journey that brings you into reach of the face of the Earth.
Chinoike-jigoku (bloody hell pond) Tatumaki-jigoku (Water-Spout Hell) Umi-jigoku (Sea Hell) Oniisi-bouzu-jigoku (Priest Hell) Oniyama-jigoku (Crocodile Hell) Siraike-jigoku (White Hell pond) kmado-jigoku (Furnace hell) Yama-jigoku (Mountain Hell)

Jigoku-meguri is a small excursion that takes you around eight natural hotspring.

・Chinoike-jigoku (bloody hell pond)
・Tatumaki-jigoku (Water-Spout Hell)
・Umi-jigoku (Sea Hell)
・Oniisi-bouzu-jigoku (Priest Hell)
・Oniyama-jigoku (Crocodile Hell)
・Siraike-jigoku (White Hell pond)
・kmado-jigoku (Furnace hell)
・Yama-jigoku (Mountain Hell)

Two hours is necessary to visit all the springs.

◆Jigoku-meguri Pamphlet[image] → English , Chinese, Korean


- adulthigh school studentjunior high school studentelementary school student
One place400 YEN300 YEN250 YEN200 YEN
8 Hell tour2,000 YEN1,300 YEN1,000 YEN900 YEN

Children less 12 are free of charge.



Beppu Foreign Tourist Information Office

〒874-0935 Eki-mae12-13 Beppu-shi Oita Japan(Inside at The Beppu Station)